Capitole of Toulouse, and the square of the same name with the Occitan cross designed by Raymond Moretti on the ground.

To expatriate with your family is a difficult step to make. At YFA we are fully aware of these difficulties. We give a special attention to the accompanying person, your spouse or your partner, because s/he is the person who faces the most changes that go with the expatriation. We offer totally one to one support : from practical help through to emotional encouragement, getting her/him aware about the opportunities of this move. I will work to make sure that s/he will feel welcomed, supported and safe here.

In order to make the transition smoother, we offer a customized support throughout the relocation process.

French tuition


In order to fully enjoy your new life and benefit from all the delights the “Toulousain” lifestyle can offer, the mastering of the French language is a real asset.

YFA offers customised French classes to enable you to use French independently in a wide range of situations. We offer personalised courses which specifically address your needs and level, should you be a newcomer or an au-pair.