English classes for individuals

No matter what your age, level or goal, YFA can teach you English in a fun and easy way


For young children

Even if mastering English is a serious issue, we can have fun learning it. This is the motto of our “Discover English” Programme.


How does it work ?
  • weekly sessions ( 30 mn for Children between 5/6 years old – 60 mn for older ones)
  • groups of the same age, it’s also an opportunity to spend more time with friends


Why « Discover English » ?

Our priority is to instil the love for the English language and culture.
We study vocabulary and practice it through games, craft activities, songs, storytelling, reading…




For teens in Secondary school

If your child needs a little help
Our « A little help » programme is designed to your child’s specific requirements and offers tailor made remedial tuition : review the grammar basis and improve methodology in English studying.


If your child wants to go further what s/he studies in class
The “Let’s speak” programme, 6 pupils max., is here to offer
– varied activities
– deepen and apply what is studied in class
– why not prepare a Cambridge Examination ?


For secondary/high school pupils and students

– Should you need a little help, we provide one-to-one tailor-made tuition with a highly qualified teacher

– Should you want to pursue your studies in an English speaking countries, our “Test Prep Courses” are here you improve your test-taking potential and maximize your test-results.

We will provide you with important strategies and content about the following exams :
– Cambridge Exams
– College entry contests
– BTS…


NEW !!! Cambridge ESOL Exams


Cambridge offers a wide range of English Language Exams which can help you achieve your goals for study, work and life.



English tuition for Adults

Our classes are here to either refresh or improve your level of English.
We aim to create an environment that is fun and interactive, because we believe that if learners enjoy their classes, you are more motivated to progress in your studies.

Our tailor made tuition provide a great flexibility and allow you to learn at your own pace and gain confidence.


For international trips

Our programme will allow you :
– to refresh and improve your knowledge of English
– to learn basic English sentences for travelling and vacations.
– to improve your English to communicate while you are in an English speaking country.


To develop your career

No matter what your level, even complete beginner, our specially designed courses are for adults looking to improve their proficiency in English.

Whether you want to improve your overall communication, take an English exam or simply want to develop your spoken English skills, all our English courses are here to provide you with the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively.


NEW !!!Cambridge ESOL Exams

Cambridge offers a wide range of English Language Exams which can help you achieve your goals for study, work and life.


You want to see the equivalences of english tests results ?

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